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Hello talent,

Orange Hotel Marketing builds strategies and supports high-end hotels, both nationally and internationally. We would be over the moon if you come and join us.



Scroll down below to apply right away. This may be your lucky shot, since you:

Have limited experience but are eager to learn

Care about the details of details

Prefer hotels over camping

Can’t wait to start

Don’t take all we say for granted

Are mad about online bits and bytes

Are an EU National

… and wordy in English

Here’s what happens next


Apply here
on this website


We meet for an interview
and get to know each other


You complete
an assignment


You’re the one! Welcome
to Orange Hotel Marketing

Skyrocket your career

You get to work with some of the most beautiful and renowned hotels

We give you heaps of training. From basic coding to kickass CSS tricks: we turn you into a true whiz kid.

All-inclusive: drinks and lunch from our decently stuffed fridge or a hotel bar in the city

Your day

Early morning

You receive a request from Inntel Hotels to build a campaign page for a new property opening. Inntel Hotels gave you all the specs and content, now is your time to shine. You go after a suitable template, start coding, constructing and composing. Satisfied? Then check your masterpiece with the responsible Online Marketeer and hit ‘send’ to await the grand finale: the client’s judgement.

Before lunch

You continue working on the new website for The Dylan. The project is in full swing and we’re nearly there! You support the development team in polishing the last bugs. Since you progressed in your coding skills you feel confident enough to give it a go: fixing responsiveness, finetuning margins, updating the back-end; nothing’s gonna stop you now.

Our internal reports and dash-
boards provide good insights into
the online performance of our
clients. But we hear you saying:
‘good’ is not good enough.


Fed and watered, you enjoy our latest barista skills before you enter the most experimental part of the day. On ‘Innovation Friday’ you pursued new website features that can further sharpen the user experience. With some trial and error, you manage to add a subtle touch of movement to button borders. Your coding trick is the bomb and will inevitably be included into a few client proposals.

You present your findings to
the team and help our clients
navigate to the goldmine.

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